Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Subtly charming, like the place of its namesake, Mendo Breath is an easy going bud that gives the user the feeling of being in a cool ocean breeze surrounded by candy shops and a buzzing boardwalk. Bred by Gage Green Genetics, this smooth indica-dominant strain is part OG Kush Breath (also known as OGKB) and part exceedingly rare Mendo Montage. Although she is sugary sweet, don’t let the aromas fool you into thinking it’s a soft high. This is an end of day bud if there ever was one.

With THC levels bottoming at 19% to 20%, Mendo Breath gives you a strong cerebral high worthy of its lineage. Caramel and vanilla are the highlights of this aromatic bud, with flavors that make you wonder if you bought it at a candy shop. The sugary sweet tastes make it hard not to feel nostalgic when smoking this bud, especially when the caramel and vanilla lingers long after the smoke has passed. Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

The Appearance of Mendo Breath Weed

It’s practically impossible to be unimpressed by Mendo Breath weed.

The flowers of Mendo Breath are one-of-a-kind, and once you see the amount of resin coverage — you’ll never want anything else.

Overall, Mendo Breath buds glitter with seemingly endless trichomes. In other words, the Mendo Breath strain is an extract artist’s dream.

Once you pull yourself from the trance, you’ll notice purple calyxes and splashes of greenery. Gage Green Genetics is famous for the color profile found in their strains, making Mendo Breath a clear example of connoisseur-grade weed. Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Mendo Breath Buds

The dominant cannabinoid found in Mendo Breath weed is THC.

The range of THC found in Mendo Breath buds is 18-21% THC. However, cultivators that treat their Mendo Breath plants with extreme care may produce higher THC concentrations (especially when grown indoors). Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Overall, Mendo Breath is relatively potent. Beginners are advised to consume Mendo Breath at small doses to avoid extreme effects.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Mendo Breath Weed

The Mendo Breath strain is loud and proud.

There’s no way to hide the profoundly pungent smell of Mendo Breath weed. In other words, don’t grow Mendo Breath if you need to be discreet!

The aroma is composed of sweet vanilla, glazed caramel, and over-the-top tones of diesel-infused citrus. Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

The flavor of Mendo Breath weed is absolutely dank. From the moment the silky smoke hits your tongue, prepare for overwhelming levels of sweet vanilla, citrus funk, and pure fuel-dankness that’ll put your senses on overdrive.

The three primary terpenes found in Mendo Breath are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Caryophyllene and limonene produce funky-sweet and spicy citrus overtones.

Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Lastly, the myrcene produces floral flavors with a sweet herbal kick.

Effects of Mendo Breath Weed

The effects of Mendo Breath are mesmerizing and long-lasting.

The moment you consume Mendo Breath, you’ll experience a whiplash of pure euphoria. As your mind bathes in blissful thoughts, your body will quickly melt into a puddle of pure relaxation.

As the effects intensify, the sedative properties of Mendo Breath take front and center. Ultimately, your muscles and overall body will not want to get up for anything. Therefore, we recommend the Mendo Breath strain for nighttime use only.

As the effects wane, you’ll likely fall into a deep state of sleep for hours on end.

Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Medical Properties of the Mendo Breath Strain

The Mendo Breath strain is a perfect variety for medical marijuana patients in need of deeply relaxing weed. Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

From anxiety to pain, there’s nothing that Mendo Breath can’t handle. Therefore, medical marijuana patients that need nighttime medicine should seek Mendo Breath seeds.

Here’s a list of the significant medical attributes that Mendo Breath can assist with:

As you can see — Mendo Breath is suitable for anyone that needs a chill pill for their daily routine. Furthermore, there are few strains that are as effective as Mendo Breath for pain relief. Buy Mendo Breath weed strain US

Whether you have insomnia or deep-rooted pain, Mendo Breath is a breath of fresh air for the medical marijuana community.

Negative Effects of Mendo Breath Buds

With so many positive attributes, it only makes sense that there are a few adverse effects while indulging in the Mendo Breath strain.

If you consume too much Mendo Breath weed — you may experience:

  • Extreme drowsiness or paranoia
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth

Additionally, if you’re new to cannabis — take it easy with Mendo Breath. The THC content is incredibly high, making Mendo Breath a one-hit-quit for most.

Therefore, always gauge your tolerance and adjust your intake accordingly for an enjoyable time with Mendo Breath.



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